Monday, September 12, 2016

To work!

I am teaching 4 year olds in a government program (a la Headstart) with the best teacher ever! She completely understands how age 4 does not sit and do paperwork or even need just endless free play but the entire day is built around experiencing many facets of one point or story. It was very fun to watch! And I have already doubled my Spanish with helpful words like Banyo and rappido. (Spoken only - no spelling.) Tomorrow I teach a song and finerplay in English - perfect!

After lunch we went the very tourist prosperous area of Lima, on the hill above the ocean. In stark contrast to where we are teaching. Around the school there is no grass, stray dogs and cats, and mounts of bagged (or unbagged) garbage. On the hill it is tidy and green and spacious with fountains and an Inca market with loads of souvenirs. I suppose Chicago has the same contrasts, but to drive it one day was striking. (Where we live is a step down from high end and has a few parks and green space, little shops and a few stores, high walls around single family houses. Very safe feeling.)

But back to shopping! My first purchase was a sweater - not that I was anxious to have an alpaca sweater but it is cold here. 62 sounded fine until we realized the sun would not be making an appearance until late spring. It does not rain - just thick overcast. Coffee is very important!

15 of us arrived at once but we are all good intended and friendly. Things are going well, even with 7 of us sharing a bathroom. Sorority living without the secret handshake.

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