Monday, August 29, 2016

THAT summer flew!

I thought volunteering in September would make the summer less crazy but it just filled in with wonderfulness! Like closets and shoes! Grandblessing and trips and wine coolers.

But now it is less than 2 weeks to Depart Day for Peru!

Easiest flight ever! It is 5 hours to Panama and 3 more to Lima - leave at 9 am - arrive at 7:15 pm. Hardly even jet lagged!

Big team of us going on September 10 - from all over the country, as usual. But it will mean a full house. That is one of the things I like about CCS - the volunteer house where we live and speak English together. The other people are fascinating! What motivates singles or couples or college age kids to volunteer? My personal response originally was curiosity about the world and a desire to get off the Tourist Track (sometimes!) and live in the community.  After almost a decade of annual trips I am motivated by the amount I learn about the people and how that alters my views of the news here and from other places.

We are in a neighborhood of Lima  to live, but no idea how far it is to where we teach. Assignments coming Friday!

No malaria in Lima and my cholera is up to date now.....