Sunday, September 11, 2016

Day trip travel

Easy flights here - left on 9:15 am to Panama, landed 7:05 PM in Lima. Then an hour and a half in traffic to the house! But it less tiring than flying overnight to Europe.  So today is not the usual post trip fog - except in the sky where it was gray and then cloudy followed by overcast. Mid 60s.

Orientation all morning - and introductions of team members. The usual fun and interesting team. Two couple just got married and this is their honeymoon - they will go on from here to Machu Pichu, but how nice to spend part of it volunteering. One is the usual late 20-something, but the other one waited for the ink on the AARP cards to dry before marrying. I told if they had waited a few weeks I could have giving them the volunteer/group discount.

But speaking of is the celebration of The Lord of Miracles

Essentially prayer saved the town/church from an earthquake and annually they have a huge procession and worship. We were there! Then into the catacombs under the Lima Cathedral - only the poor were buried there since the rich could afford caskets. When they opened the graves the assembled pits of various bones - but the caverns and pits are original. Upstairs we could hear the celebration mass going on. Very very wonderful.

Food fantastic at the home base - as usual. Apparently one of the common foods here is guinea pig which. I suppose tastes like chicken...

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