Thursday, September 22, 2016

Criss cross cultural

One of the team is from Vietnam originally and spotted the ONLY Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant in Lima. So we went. The usual numbered menu and the usual spot for fried rice so I ate well. On the boarding TV was a Michael Jackson imitator singing Beat It with the back up group of Smurfs. Can't even make this stuff up. Check it out on YouTube......

This followed a visit to the museum of contemporary art which was mind stretching for my brain that likes stuff to look like things. This took a little too much imagination engagement - given that all the notes were in Spanish.

They did have a cool display of stuff dug up from a junk yard that was not going to disintegrate. So it is what will remain of our civilization. I have been thinking about this recently as I looked at all the buried artifacts that tell us about ancient times. What will remain of the 21st century if we are all cremated? One word: plastics. Bottles, lids, doll arms.

Pause to ponder.....and if I get a sermon out of it the trip is tax deductible. I am pretty sure.

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