Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Dance of Peruvian liberation!

It took only 1.5 hours - 45 minutes being lost and 45 productive minutes at the Pharma and Postal Service but I found my way out, did two errands and arrived home! Happy Dance!

Ding! I am free to move about the neighborhood!

The PS is described as the Evil Empire. They tax everything shipped out and everything shipped in.mso one volunteer got a package with a couple of scarves and sox and paid $40 in taxes to the delivery guy in order to get it off the truck. Here Amazon is only a river! So no one mails anything and the only revenue is tourists who mail post cards. But I boldy went on and mailed my 10 cards knowing full well I have NEVER known what it cost to send cards home! The only ones that have not made it were from Morocco.

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