Sunday, September 25, 2016

In every culture

There seems to have been a movement in many countries in last century of people who act like they are supporting the common good and uplifting the disadvantaged, but it has been a thin cover for Mao"s Little Red Book and in retrospect sometimes seen as abusive. We went to a museum of The Peruvian version of this movement - late 80-mid 90s. Atrocities in the rural areas against the very people they were trying to redeem, but when the locals did not join they were shot. The movement only briefly made it to the city when it ended.

I toured the museum with my new friend who lived in Vietnam until 8 years ago which made it even more interesting.

The lessons were numerous! Good ideas carried out by peoples with other agendas. No interest in the real needs of the disadvantaged. Lack of understanding of the value of education that gives people choices how to think.  Above all the superiority that says "unless you do it our way, you will be shot."

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