Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Reflections:part 2

Lima is mostly a stop off to what people come to see in Peru - the jungle or the mountains. It has about 3-4 "nice" areas to live - meaning green grass, tidy parks, walled homes.

But cross one large road and the rest of Lima is sand. Miles and acres and deserts of sand. With multiple family houses and heavily gated shops and a very few parks. Streets in many areas are unpaved. There is migration within the country from the rural to the city but very little chance to any true advancement via a middle class. The private education system is restricted to those who have money and can get into the best schools. Even the ranking military is apportioned to those who have money or family tradition.

There is very little way out of the sand.

Nine months if the year a heavy cloud cover banks in Lima making it a temperate climate rather than a tropic one. But it also means lack of sunlight for months on end. Two hours south or in the mountains it is sunny. And of course the Amazon is hot and truly tropic. Interesting geography.

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